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Thiis section gives you the possibility to view 3 of my rare videos of me fishing the Tigerfish in the Congo River.

You can select the videos, with the menus on the top right of the screen.


Description of the different videos subscription plans

1.The first plan for 10$, gives you the right to view the video: An unforgettable week, which has been filmed during one of our fishing expeditions where we caught 5 Mbengas in one week (15kg, 34kg, 24kg, 36kg et 9kg)(Duration : 25 minutes)

2.The seond plan for 10 $, gives you access to two videos, The mighty fighter and the black's river black tigerfish (36kg, 9kg et 30kg) (duration : 8 minutes) and Dann's biggest Tigerfish (43kg) (Duration : 4 minutes)


These videos are only accessible by paying subcribers, who bought a subscription plan. Click on the menus on your right to login and buy one of these plans.

Here is a preview of my videos for free here :